The Diamond Machine shop has been serving industrial operations since 1995.   Aviation, medical, automotive and electronics manufacturing companies rely on our experience and expertise.  We love tough problems and tougher deadlines.  When you're ready to solve the problem, call us. 

We are a Nashville based company with many years of diverse experience in the special machinery, tooling, jigs and fixture business.

Our engineering department is fully equipped and capable of accepting the task of solving your new equipment requirements, from the onset of the concept to the completion of the job.  Many of our current customers request we do the complete engineering and build of their equipment.  Being diverse, this could be a complete assembly station, a unit for a specific operation or a machine based from an ergonomic need. It gives us great pride to have ongoing business relationships with some of today‚Äôs leading manufacturers who require outside support.

A level of achievement has been acquired through our quality of workmanship and service to our customers which involves understanding the characteristics of the product we are working with and reviewing plant specifications provided to accomplish the desired task.

Our extensive expertise includes:

           In house concept, design and drafting of special machines, assembly lines and specific function machines at any degree of automated operation or sophistication.

  Most of our customers request our design and build capabilities, although built to customer provided print can be easily facilitated.

              Design, drafting and building of jigs, fixtures and tooling, special parts.

             Our machine shop capacity includes all types of machining, milling, turning, grinding and access to large capacity blanchard grinding, milling.

         Our fabrication department can handle all types of welding including mig, tig, gas and brazing of all types of metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminum). From small precision tooling weldments to larger fabricated parts such as racks, carts conveyors, mezzanines, machine frames and bases.

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